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You might want to banish the frames while reading the Banner Years.

Critical Praise

"The CGH Award went to 'The Banner Years', a short novel composed by various Dave Barry fans. I'm not sure if it's finished yet. It's hard to tell. Have you ever tried to follow the plot of an anime? In Japanese? It's kind of like that. Check it out"

        --Castler, owner of the Crystal Grappling Hook Award.

Just Salem, Cassandra

Well here we are in the offices of the Boston Examiner.

Yes and things have been really strange since what's his name was found you-know-where with you-know-what.

If only we knew something about why such and such was looking for the whatchamacallit?

Here comes that guy from the department across the hall let's ask him about the other night when we were at that other guy's place.

Hey you.  Tell us what you know.

[       ]:

Oh not talking eh?

You wouldn't say much either if you had taken a bullet in the tongue!

        --Jeff Carrie

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